{Sneak Peek} The Venter family’s photo shoot

{Sneak Peek} The Venter family’s photo shoot

What’s a winning formula for a family photo shoot in Pretoria? Mix two little boys, a set of doting grandparents, a great location, some plastic swords, two fun-loving parents and you have the right recipe for a fun, busy and colourful photo shoot!

When Teneille approached me to do a family photo shoot in Pretoria at the Voortrekker Monument, I was eager to do a shoot at a new location. Her hubby, two sons and her parents joined us on a late Saturday afternoon, as the winter sun started to wind its way to the horizon. The family had decided on a colour palette of different shades of blue. Look carefully at their family shots: everyone in the family has blue eyes!

Fun family photo shoots in Pretoria

Like most photo shoots, this family photo shoot in Pretoria started off sedately. Everyone posed beautifully on the steps of the Voortrekker monument… but as mothers of little boys know: there’s no sitting still for long. There’s a certain delightful chaos to doing a photo shoot with little boys. Think swords, fearsome yells, lots of running around, a few imaginary dragons to be slayed and weird boy noises. And Nathan and Marshall had an absolute ball!

Some of the best captures in family shoots come from catching moments between family members. And some of the cutest moments come from letting little ones play. And as the sun began to set on this beautiful winter afternoon, the Venter family went crazy with some really fun poses! What a blast!

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