Tips on doing photo shoots with a newborn baby

Tips on doing photo shoots with a newborn baby

As first-time parents, tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby are invaluable in capturing beautiful images of your child. It’s quite overwhelming becoming a new parent. You’re still trying to figure out why she’s crying or whether he’s latching properly, but just SO unbelievably thrilled with your precious bundle of joy! Here are a few tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby and making the experience a happy one with precious memories to cherish for years to come!

Top tip: happy mom means happy baby

As your little one can pick up on your emotional state, whether you’re feeling tired, tense or content and calm, being relaxed and happy is the first step to a beautiful newborn photo shoot. A happy mom means a happy baby – this is one of the most vital tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby. Choose a photographer who will help to make your shoot a relaxing experience for you and who will take their time in getting images which reflect the bond between you.

These top tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby from Bamboo Shoot Photography will give you amazing photos!


11 tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby
  1. Babies are tiny, defenceless and in need of lots of TLC and that means they need you, mom. During your newborn shoot, don’t be hesitant to cuddle and calm baby if they get niggly. And it’s a great idea to change your baby into new outfits yourself as they may not be happy to be touched or handled by a stranger. If baby is struggling to calm down, place your hand gently but firmly on them and say, “Shh” loudly till they quieten.

2. Being changed is not on your baby’s list of fun things to do! One of my tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby is to be gentle yet firm when changing your child, and do the change as quickly as possible. Babies usually stop niggling as soon as they’re snuggly and warm again.

3. Take your time in a newborn photo shoot. Generally, newborns sleep and feed most of the time because their tiny bodies need all the rest and nutrition they can get. Newborn shoots can likely take a few hours as baby will need to be fed, changed, cuddled and then rocked back to sleep. And if baby is having a bad day and won’t stop crying, breathe. Rather reschedule the shoot and try again on another day when you are both calm.

4. Regulating temperature isn’t easy for babies and one of the most important tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby is to keep them in an environment where you can control the temperature. I recommend doing your newborn photo shoot indoors, preferably at your home. You will be more at ease in your own space and this goes a long way in making baby peaceful, too. I recommend using a small-ish room with a heater, humidifier and a lot of natural light so we can keep baby warm and comfortable.

5. Don’t sign up for a lot of artificial lighting during your newborn photo shoot as this will affect your baby’s sensitive little eyes. I do bring a flash for the shoot but I don’t bring an entire lighting rig and I make sure that the flash is bounced off a wall, ceiling or reflector – it must never be aimed at your newborn’s face. Natural light gives a beautiful effect and brings out your baby’s natural cuddly beauty. Let the dimples speak for themselves!

These top tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby from Bamboo Shoot Photography will give you amazing photos!

6. White noise goes a long way in keeping a baby calm and peaceful. Playing soft, calming music or even an app which plays white noise in the background will help to ensure your photos reflect a happy baby.

7. Try to feed your baby about 20 minutes before your photo shoot starts. Baby will soon be full and sleepy and hopefully, will nod off to sleep, giving great opportunities for beautiful shots. Also, expect that baby will be hungry again within an hour or so and will wake up to feed. You’ll likely need to feed a few times during the shoot which will give the photographer opportunities for shots of baby sleeping as well as alert and awake.

8. My style is to do natural, lifestyle shoots rather than placing your baby in fancy poses. I want to make sure baby is safe, and free to move naturally, keeping their circulation going. We’ll take plenty of close-ups of baby, as well as shots of them in mom and dad’s arms and lying naturally on the bed. Parents, your baby is precious and I want to keep you both comfortable. With that in mind, I’ll show you how I would like to pose baby and ask you for help in moving them into comfortable positions.

9. New parents, baby will probably vomit, wee and poop everywhere. It’s okay! That’s what babies do, so please don’t feel stressed or worried – make sure you have some bags to scoop any soiled blankets into and keep some plastic sheets on hand to layer between blankets in case of an accident!

10. If the weather permits and it’s warm enough, consider doing a few additional shots as a family in your garden with baby bundled up to help them regulate their temperature.

11. Moms, if you’re breastfeeding and comfortable to do so, ask your photographer to take a few shots of you feeding baby. These are truly precious moments with your newborn baby.

These top tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby from Bamboo Shoot Photography will give you amazing photos!

Preparing for your newborn shoot
  • If you would like to take shots of the nursery, have it ready for the photographer to shoot while you’re feeding baby. Put out those special toys and sentimental items so to be included in the shots.
  • Keep your breastfeeding pillow handy – it is a great tool to get baby lying comfortably, and can be covered with pretty blankets and throws.
  • Get your props ready: sentimental items, blankets, toys and a cushion covered in pretty fabric, and a shawl or two to swaddle baby in.
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Are you proud new parents of a tiny bundle of joy? These tips for photo shoots with a newborn baby should leave you feeling excited about doing your own shoot! Book a newborn shoot by getting in touch with me here – I’d love to capture those precious memories!

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