{Sneak Peek} Family photo shoot with the Reeve family

{Sneak Peek} Family photo shoot with the Reeve family

When a family photo shoot includes the dogs, you know you’ve found your kind of people. Heck, if I could own 3 kittens and a horse, I’d be the happiest woman alive. The funniest part is finding out a dog is camera shy.

Leanne and James asked me to do a shoot for their little family at their home and we included their dogs, Zoё (a large Schnauzer who thinks she’s a lapdog) and the camera-averse Mojo. The afternoon sun was beginning to cast shadows across their front lawn when I arrived, and the light was becoming softer, indicating golden hour was imminent. The dogs greeted me with whipping tails and Zoё reared up on her hind legs to look me in the eye (I’m short, and this dog is large!).

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Don’t take my picture, you’re stealing my soul

We chatted, and I could see James and Leanne became more comfortable as we set up. A few snaps of the whole family, pups included, on the front steps started off the shoot…. But oh, did I laugh when I turned my camera to Mojo. He refused to look at me, turning his muzzle away from me as if I was about to steal a part of his soul by taking his photo. It took MUCH coaxing and wheedling to get him to look at me and finally he allowed me to grab a few shots. My back was turned to James and Leanne and I heard them calling me softly. I turned to find the “lapdog” Zoё comfortably draped across James’ lap as if she was a miniature Schnauzer, without a care in the world. She knows she’s in the lap of luxury!

From there onwards, everyone relaxed, Mojo included who suddenly flopped on his back and looked at me upside down, with a wide sloppy grin on his face. These doggos know they’re part of the family!

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