{Sneak Peek!} Family photo shoot with the De Chalains

{Sneak Peek!} Family photo shoot with the De Chalains

A few months ago, I ran a competition to give away a photo shoot. Entrants had to share the funniest nickname in their family to stand a chance to win. Jeanine entered, and took the prize, but I had no idea of the backstory that she had to share.

Jeanine and her family nicknamed their late dad “Hovercraft” for his knobbly knees and “Elephant Whisperer” thanks to a very close shave with an elephant and her calf. What I didn’t know at the time of awarding the shoot was that they had lost their dad a year before. While the year had been bittersweet as they learned to adapt, Jeanine, her sister Domonique and her mom Linda loved the opportunity to make new memories together in honour of their dad.

Despite the occasional drizzle, the shoot was great fun! The girls gave each other piggyback rides and even grabbed Linda for a few fun shots. And they brought their two dogs with who had a rip-roaring time chasing everything in the park!

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