The Venter family photo shoot

I’m not sure who captured my heart more during this fun family photo shoot in Pretoria, but both these boys are extremely cute. Marshall and his big brother Nathan turned on the charm in front of my lens during a photo shoot I did with the Venter family at the iconic Voortrekker Monument. And with plenty of props, lots of little boy energy and the enthusiastic participation of parents and grandparents, this fun family photo shoot in Pretoria became truly special.

I met Teneille through friends at church and a few days later received a message on my Facebook page asking me to quote her on a family shoot. She explained that she would like to do it at a unique location in Pretoria and after a few venue ideas, she settled on the Voortrekker Monument. We set up a date and time and chatted about photo shoot ideas and props. The more we chatted, the more I could hear her excitement begin to grow – it was contagious!

What makes for a fun family photo shoot in Pretoria?

Enthusiasm, props, children and grandparents who aren’t afraid to have fun! Teneille’s husband, Willem, and her parents Hugo and Marcelle all got involved in making this shoot something special. Take a special look at the group shots of the whole family and you’ll notice they all have blue eyes! So, they chose a palette of varying blues to complement this plus some cute shots with a photo frame gave some great results! The boys were only too keen to grab their plastic swords, chasing imaginary foes and hacking at dangerous dragons while I snapped away. Doing a photo shoot with children is special and this fun family photo shoot in Pretoria yielded some fantastic shots!

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Aren't these two just the cutest? We had a blast in a fun family photo shoot in Pretoria with the Venter family!

We played around with props and the simple blue colour scheme the family chose worked beautifully!

Marshall wasn't too sure what to make of this flower during the Venter's fun family photo shoot in Pretoria. Book your shoot with Bamboo Shoot Photography now.

All the Venter boys!

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