A heartwarming family photo shoot in Pretoria

Finding a family photographer in Pretoria when you’re in South Africa on an international holiday could prove a little difficult, right? Not when you’re Ed and Clarinda. This fantastic clan have deep roots in Pretoria despite having moved to the United States a while back. This is where Ed and Clarinda started raising their family and this is where there is a network of strong bonds and friendships which stand the test of time and distance. And with a little help from the Waterstons, they got in touch with me, explaining they wanted to do a session with a family photographer in Pretoria to have precious memories of home.

Clarinda, a woman of many talents, was also in the process of recording an album and she wanted to do a portrait session for the album cover. We decided to combine both shoots and picked a date just a few days before they were set to go back to Washington. And what a freezing cold morning it was! We giggled at the fact that she braved the cold in her striking dress, but the portrait session provided some incredible shots. Take a look at the sneak peek!

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Freezing cold + playtime = a fun family session

Then I got to enjoy an hour of working with the whole family. I’d met Ed and Clarinda at church a few years back and had seen their three kids grow. What a beautiful surprise for me to be standing on the other side of the camera lens after a few years and capture these memories for them! Seeing Elijah’s massive gap-toothed grin as he laughed, Kendra’s confidence growing as I snapped away and Aaron-John coming out of his shell are some of the best moments for me as a family photographer in Pretoria.

With a massive plot in Pretoria East as the backdrop to this fun family photo shoot, there were plenty of great spots to explore. This family made the most of every moment in front of my lens! They played, they laughed, they hugged, they posed. They KNOW how to make the camera love them and we all had loads of laughs in the winter sunshine until the cold forced us back inside.

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Poses, playtime and pretty smiles! I loved working with Ed and Clarinda as their family photographer in Pretoria. Book your shoot today!

Ed and his beloved boys! There's such a bond between these three. Need a family photographer in Pretoria? Get in touch with Bamboo Shoot Photography today!

Sibling love! Need a family photographer in Pretoria? Get in touch with Bamboo Shoot Photography today!

What a fantastic family photo shoot with Ed and Clarinda's family! Need a family photographer in Pretoria? Get in touch with Bamboo Shoot Photography today!