De Freitas family photo shoot

How to have a fun family photo shoot: Take one camera. Add two parents, one little boy, plenty of sunshine, tickles and green grass. And that’s exactly what this shoot with the De Freitas clan was filled with: laughter.

Abigail, Jono and David were excited and a little nervous about this shoot. Photo shoots with children can be a little daunting for parents. Abigail warned me before we did the shoot that David was going through a “no photographs” phase and he might well be averse to having the shoot done. She was right – David was super shy with me in the beginning, didn’t want me to point the camera at him and squirmed whenever we tried to take a family shot. 

How to have a fun family photo shoot: add sunshine, tickles and green grass plus a camera.Which is why this shot really warms my heart: I walked up to him at one point while he was playing with his dad and started to join in the fun, tickling him, chasing him and all of a sudden, this little man warmed right up to me and we became besties. He was screaming with laughter while I tickled him and kicking his feet in the air… and I happened to snap this shot right in the middle of all the fun.

If you’d like to get the best results from a fun family photo shoot, come ready to play with your kids and have fun together. Kids come alive when Mom and Dad make time to play! PS. Scroll down to the bottom of the pics, there’s a little surprise 🙂

Let’s make memories with a fun family photo shoot

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This fun family photo shoot with Abigail, Jono and David was a joy and delight!
From a shaky start, David suddenly came alive during this fun family photo shoot.
To get the best results with a fun family photo shoot, I often advise parents to just play with their kids and have fun together.
By the end of this shoot, everyone was laughing, breathless and smiling. Including me!
Playtime with dad always makes for a fun family photo shoot.

And the cherry on the top: Abigail had just found out she was pregnant when we did the shoot, so she asked me to take a pregnancy announcement shot for her. What a cute concept this shot was! Can’t wait to meet the new addition to the De Freitas family!