Samantha and Megan’s custom photo shoot

As I set up my camera and equipment for this mother-daughter custom photo shoot, I heard a little voice floating down from above my head. “Okay, you can take my photo like this!” Wait, above my head?! I looked up from changing lenses and found Megan had happily climbed the little stepladder I’d brought with to vary my vantage points, and was standing with her hands on her hips, gazing into the distance with a satisfied grin on her face. Clearly, this custom photo shoot was right up her alley!

“A mother’s treasure is her daughter.” – Catherine Pulsifer

“Sugar and spice and all things nice” – that line sums up Megan, 5. A tiny adventurer wearing sparkly silver shoes, ivy leaves, smudges of dirt on her cheek and a beautiful braid, Megan is Samatha’s daughter through and through. Easy-going, fun, feminine and a little feisty, Samantha knows how to coax laughter out of her mini-me at every turn!

We decided on a slightly bohemian theme for this custom photo shoot, with lavender and ivy wreaths for crowns, braided hair for Meg and clothing in natural earthy tones. And an open field with golden grass which caught the shimmering rays of afternoon sunlight perfectly was exactly the right setting. Mother and daughter were set for an afternoon in front of the camera… and did they have a blast! This custom photo shoot was fun from start to finish, with the two sharing inside jokes, picking flowers, pulling tongues and having as much fun as they could in front of my camera lens. Their fun and laughter had me giggling and watching them interact showed the depth of their bond.

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