Nicole’s custom photo shoot

I love taking photos and capturing happy moments – but with Nicole’s custom photo shoot, it was different. It felt like I got to create a little bit of art and capture a little bit more than just her face, like I got a little peek into her heart. I am in seventh heaven over how these photos have turned out. Nicole has an ethereal beauty: calm, delicate, peaceful and elegant, and I wanted to capture that – along with those beautiful eyes and cheekbones!

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As a medical student, Nicole has a busy schedule so we had to plan the shoot in advance and consider what feel we wanted. We settled on a more bohemian look and as Nicole has such beautifully striking blue eyes, I wanted to frame her face with something that would echo that blue. I created a lavender wreath (which is not as easy as you’d think!) which she used for a number of shots and which really drew out her eyes. With such flawless skin, we didn’t require heavy makeup and decided on leaving her beautiful hair loose. Custom shoots offer a great opportunity to play with props and textures, and an outdoor shoot was the perfect setting for the look and feel we were after. Several outfits also gave us a choice of looks to use during Nicole’s custom photo shoot.

The weather held for most of the afternoon, giving me time to play with the different settings of the two different locations we chose. We played around with varying poses and props during Nicole’s custom photo shoot, giving Nicole’s beauty the chance to come alive in front of my lens. We took a drive through Rietvlei Nature Reserve and found a semi-secluded corner near the dam just in time for golden hour as the sun set. A few scattered clouds gave us a few spectacular shots. And although wind can play havoc during a shoot, in Nicole’s custom photo shoot, it caught those long tresses and made them dance.

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Nicole's custom photo shoot with Bamboo Shoot Photography in Pretoria.

The lavender wreath brought out the cornflower blue of Nicole's eyes in this custom photo shoot with Bamboo Shoot Photography.

Nicole took to the camera easily during her custom photo shoot with Bamboo Shoot Photography.

Nicole has an ethereal quality to her which I was thrilled to have captured in this custom photo shoot.

One of my favourite shots from Nicole's custom photo shoot.

There was a certain old-world charm to this custom photo shoot with Nicole.

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Nicole's custom photo shoot with Bamboo Shoot Photography.

Nicole was a natural in front of the camera.

Nicole's custom photo shoot in Rietvlei nature reserve captured her natural, unaffected beauty.

The sunset provided the perfect backdrop to the custom photo shoot with Nicole.

The sky provided a variety of moody backdrops during this custom photo shoot in Pretoria.

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Nicole did a custom photo shoot with Bamboo Shoot Photography in Pretoria.

Rietvlei Dam in Pretoria proved to be a great location for a custom photo shoot.

As a photographer in Pretoria, I've found several outdoor locations provide beautiful scenery.

Nicole's custom photo shoot gave us time to play in different locations and with different looks.

Props can lend an element of fun to a photo shoot.

Nicole changed her look during the custom photo shoot, lending an entirely different feel to the photographs.