Barney and Anesia’s save the date shoot

Barney and Anesia's beautiful save the date shoot invitation.Just a few short weeks ago in the middle of one of those scintillating summers that seem to last forever, I got to do this cheeky little save the date shoot. Anesia and I have been friends for many seasons and I’ve watched how God has blessed her as she’s walked through several tough journeys, but what a privilege to watch her and her fiance stealing kisses as I snapped these gorgeous photos in preparation for their wedding!

Save the date shoots offer the opportunity to send your wedding guests a beautiful snapshot reminder of your special day. And when Barney and Anesia asked me to throw together a quick save the date shoot for them, we literally jumped in the car and raced down to a pretty little field in time for a fiery, beautiful summer sunset. Just. Like. That. And the best part? I got to braai with them afterwards and hear their whole love story from start to finish (one of the perks of being a photographer!).

Barney and Anesia’s love story is one of those truly beautiful ones that make you go “Aww!” As a single mother, Anesia has been one busy little lady, raising her beautiful daughter and running her own business (because being Superwoman is anything but boring!). She and Barney met through his sister as he was coming out of a painful period in his own life. The pair became friends, spending a lot of time together and slowly but surely, Barney’s feelings for this beautiful woman began to develop. He gathered his courage and spoke to Anesia… but (plot twist!) she turned him down. This patient, loving man just quietly persisted in his friendship with her… and the feelings blossomed from her side too. Anesia began to notice his character, his kindness, his good heart and her heart began to open too. His calmness, generosity and steady openness with her and her young daughter left a lasting impression. Their friendship kindled, becoming a romance!

Barney decided to ask Anesia to marry him, but he isn’t the kind of guy to do things in half measures. He planned everything down to the last detail. On her birthday, he showered her with one fantastic gift after another and invited her to a picnic with him. To her surprise and delight, Anesia found Barney on bended knee with a beautiful ring, proposing to her. And the rest is history… and I got to play a little part in their bigger story by doing their save the date shoot!

The leaves are beginning to crisp, brown and curl as the seasons change. And Barney and Anesia are about to start their new, exciting season as husband and wife in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to see this breathtaking bride walk down the aisle to her husband!

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