{Sneak Peek!} Portrait photo shoot with Clarinda

It was 4C when I left for this portrait photo shoot one icy August morning… FOUR DEGREES! With a biting wind to add an extra edge to the cold, I was worried that my client, the lovely Clarinda, was going to freeze in this less than hospitable weather. But she braved the cold in her eye-catching dress with a winning smile and posed with such grace and poise. Clarinda, you deserve a medal!



{Sneak Peek!} Fabulously fun family shoot with the Sishis

I can’t get over Elijah’s smile. He’s the littlest of the Sishi clan, but he is the epitome of gap-toothed cuteness! And then adding the gorgeous Kendra into the mix with her confident little strut… Best of all, was getting a smile out of Aaron-John (it’s tough to be a too-cool pre-teen!) Seeing these three interact, laugh and play with their parents – the incredibly talented Ed and Clarinda – well, let’s face it: the Sishis were a fabulously fun family to photograph.