My 20 top photos of 2016

It’s 20h20 on 20 December 2016, so it seems like the ideal time to post my top 20 top photos of 2016. (See what I did there?) Plus, the stories that go behind some of the best photos I’ve taken so far include sitting in buck poop, keeping my distance from irritable zebras, and being told how to take photos by a 5-year-old. Oh, and telling dodgy jokes to church people… good times! (more…)


{Sneak Peek!} Sam and Megan’s Custom Shoot

Some photo shoots are golden and this was one of them! Megan and Sam warmed to the camera like molten honey on a summer’s day. The normally shy and aloof Megan made her debut in front of the camera by climbing up onto the stepladder I use for some aerial shots while I was still switching lenses (more…)

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Click, don’t snap! 11 tips for great photo shoots with children


Photo shoots with children can be a roaring success, even though the thought can feel extremely daunting. And on the day, it’s usually a bit of a nightmare. The photographer has been booked for months and just a few hours before you’re due to leave, your little one is having a tantrum. It takes an hour to get your better half and the children dressed and in the car. And on arrival for your family photo shoot, things don’t improve. One child bursts into tears when she realises her favourite toy is at home and the other is already knee-deep in mud and refuses to smile at the camera. Mixing photo shoots with children doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Your family photos can come up all smiles if you take a few tips into account beforehand.  (more…)